A family shoot of some kids dear to our hearts. Enjoy!







This was one of the silly outtakes from shouting out different emotions to express. This one was Alexa’s ‘surprised’ face, one of my favorites.


-Ebersole Photography



Concerning the disappearance of street signs

A few scans (unedited: cross-processed) from a wedding I was able to attend with my wife, where we were simply guests. But I still had to bring my camera with me, just to shoot from the sidelines. It was a beautiful ceremony, it made me think  on my past few years as a wedding photographer I truly enjoy being a wedding photographer.  Its exciting for me to  stop for a moment and think about how many weddings I’ve attended over the past three years.  I’ve had the honor of having been invited to over sixty weddings, entrusted with capturing the beauty as these highly anticipated moments unfold. The moments that pass on wedding days,one after another, are filled with joy and love.  The bride and groom have been waiting years for this day and it is important that they are supported by everyone present, including the photographer.

Weddings are a sacred event in the history of people’s lives, and they are not meant  to be taken half-heartedly. It’s sad to hear of some photographers who have become dull to what these days mean for those involved and aren’t able to share in their joy.   Sure, there is always the pressure that comes with being a wedding photographer, not to mess-up the visual memories of this once-in-a-lifetime event.  Yet over the years I’ve grown to be confident  in my supporting role on these days, to not only capture the story unfolding but to be present and be able to share in the excitement of couple. I’ve always loved the response I’ve gotten from of my clients as the night winds down. With good-bye hugs, the grateful newly-weds thank us for our work saying, ‘You’ve done a great job’. When in that moment they have no idea how the pictures actually turned out, but are grateful for our support through out the day. 

Congrats to the two of you. Blessings, -Danny

Congratulations to Carol and Frank on a beautiful Maine wedding on a rainy day. It was a pleasure to be there and capture your day as if unfolded.

Danny Ebersole


As many of you know I recently got married and I am excited to announce that Ebersole photography has doubled in size! Meaning, I sometimes have the honor of shooting with my wife. Last weekend we shot a beautiful family and loved every minute of it. The little lady was a bit of a nay-sayer but witha little team Ebersole magic, we even got her to smile.

                -Danny and Brandi Ebersole.

I love her so, and could never imagine my life without her. Thanks for supporting me, my love.


A lovely wedding in Maine. Congrats to Ryn and Kevin on your beautiful day, may you two be blessed.

-Ebersole Photography