This is Engagement I did in the fall of ’09  but wanted to feature for friends interested in the Holga.

Beautiful people + beautiful setting = beautiful pictures,  if I do say so myself.  I got to do an engagement shoot of  Shay and Jon early Nov while the foliage was colorful. For this shoot, they wanted for me to only shoot film, both 35mm and 120mm on my Holga (a plastic camera that gives a certain feel to the pics-they are the square pics below). If was refreshing to shoot film, to focus more on what you have in your fame than what could be possibly added in post production editing. Although excited for  this opportunity, I was a bit nervous-seeing I was still getting to know the Holga after only having had shot one roll on it previously. But they came out well, much to my relief…  The first square ones are from the Holga.